inga and thury with the special water drinking glass in karlovy vary
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Water tasting in Karlovy Vary

Good water is one of the things our modern communities appreciate  the most. For that sake it is only appropriate to go water tasting in the town of many springs, Karlovy Vary. If you would argue that water has no taste, we could not disagree with you more!

When staying two weeks in Prague we wished to visit some other sights besides the capital city itself. Karlovy Vary, or Karlsbad as it is often called, became our destination. Because of its renowned water springs and spas.

However, what we found out when we were going to order a nice treatment in one of the spas was that the spa season was at the peak in May, that was when we were there. It was hard to get an appointment with a masseuse and prices were at its highest. We were though not discouraged to go because of the many varieties of water we wanted to taste and try.

Karlovy Vary is a charming town with a lot of water resources.

Two hours journey

We took the bus from Prague and the journey took us about two hours. Even though rain was in the maps for the day we were quite optimistic. Karlovy Vary greeted us with beautiful weather and we trotted to the information center to get some idea of where the springs are. First, we needed to find the correct item to be accepted in the world of water tasting. We found a shop that sold the iconic glasses used but as we are traveling we must limit our luggage so we bought the smallest ones we could find.

Romance fills the air.

Finding the springs

To begin with, we were a little lost in this world of water tasting. We didn’t know where the first spring was and had no idea of how it would look. In our ignorance, we almost started with one of the local fountains. Fortunately, we realized that the fountain was not a spring before we made complete fools out of ourselves. To get on the right track we followed some elderly people. They had the distinguished glass in their hand and we hoped that they would lead us to the real thing.

We almost did mistake this fountain for a spring. As we didn’t know how the real thing looked like.
When we encountered the real thing, there was no doubt in our mind.

The most fun about the water tasting was the fact that we never agreed on the taste of the water. What I liked, Inga didn’t and the other way around. Never has it been so clear that even though persons are tasting the same thing, there are as many results as the persons. What caresses ones taste buds can be brutal to others. It is like same experiences, are never the same. But I guess that is how it is supposed to be in life, each one of us is unique. If you want to know more about the springs, you can find information here.

The Oblates are a local delicacy.

We would love to return

Karlovy Vary is a charming town that is well known for its healing waters. It is also known to host a film festival once a year at the end of June. During that time many film stars visit the town. When we stumbled on to Grandhotel Pupp we were wondering why it had the names of many film stars laid on platters in front of the hotel. Each platter has the name of a person and the year they stayed. Also, many of the greatest characters of history have walked through the corridors of Grandhotel Pupp. The knowledge makes you a little humble as you enter this grand house.

Grandhotel Pupp has an impressing history and accommodated many stars.

We enjoyed our visit and hope that one day we can return. We would love to stay at Grandhotel Pupp, soak in the healing spas and argue about the taste of the spring water.

The water tasting adventure was fun and interesting.


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