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Un Mercato, a Favorite Italian Eatery in Torvehallerne, Copenhagen

Un Mercato is an Italian restaurant and rosetteria, located at the luxurious food market, Torvehallerne. We asked Vigdis, one of my best friends and expert on restaurants and happenings in Copenhagen, to tell us about one of her favorite places in the city, Un Mercato:

Un Mercato – Cozy atmosphere and the best Risotto Balls

Un Mercato is an Italian restaurant with a self-service setup. It has both seating inside and outside and a relaxed atmosphere.

Caprese salat at Un Mercato, Torvehallerne, Copenhagen
The Caprese as it is made at Un Mercato, delicious!
Vigdis and Inga at Un Mercato having italian appetisers as tapas.
Un Mercato and some of their delicious appetizers.

Our favorite food when we visit are the appetizers. We like to order different appetizers to share because we find them delicious. Normally the choices include the risotto balls, as this is where you can find the best risotto balls, probably in the world. As with most restaurants in Copenhagen, it is a good idea to book a table on the forehand.

A walk around The Lakes

It is great to combine a visit to Torvehallerne and Un Mercato, with a walk around the lakes (Søerne). They are located very near to Torvehallerne, less than 10 minutes walk away. 

The feeling a walk around søerne gives is calmness, in the middle of the city. Normally you can see the national bird of Denmark, the Swan, on the lakes. In the evening, the city lights bring an extra charm when walking along The Lakes. Therefore as you could imagine, walking or running around the Lakes is very popular with the locals of Copenhagen. 

A visit to Hans Christian Andersen or Søren Kirkegårds gravestone

Another nice walkway from Torvehallene, is a walk to Assistens Kirkegård, the Assistens Cemetery. It takes about 18 minutes to walk or 5 minutes to bike. This popular place for Copenhageners to chill has the graves of many important persons of Denmark’s history. There are also many squirrels in the graveyard.

The grave stone of Hans Christian Andersen
The famous writer Hans Christian Andersen is buried here.

If you are already going to Assistance Kirkegård, I recommend a visit to Jægersborgsgade, on the other side of the Cemetery as well. It is a hip street, with nice wine bars, interesting shops, good ice cream and chocolates and the Michelin star restaurant Relæ. (A table reservation is necessary if you would like to dine there.)

One of the many charming shops at Jægersborggade
street view of jægersborggade copenhagen, shops and bikes
Jægersborggade, Nørrebro
It is possible to get delicious and colorful chocolate at Jægersborggade

Shopping and places to stay

Un Mercato and Torvehallerne are located near to the metro station, Nørreport, very centrally and there are many other places nearby that you can include in your plan and many nice hotels you can choose to stay at.

If you are planning to go shopping, you can start by walking down Købmagergade, and from there visit either Strøget(main shopping street) or Kompagnistrædet with its independent designer shops.

The Botanical Garden and the Kings Garden

If you like parks and botanical gardens as I do, you should visit is the Botanical Garden of Copenhagen. It is in 4 minutes walk from Torvehallerne, with free entrance during its opening hours. It is my absolute favorite garden of Copenhagen. Another great option is the Kings Garden and Rosenborg Castle, only 9 minutes walk away.

For our readers that like latin music:

If you are planning to visit on a Thursday evening, the beautiful Søpavillionen is only 12 minutes walk away from Torvehallerne and located between the lakes. Every Thursday you can join Havana Nights, with a mix of Salsa, Bachata, and Kizomba. You can go for a free salsa class, which is included in the entrance price for those that arrive early enough. You can find information on the Thursday nights salsa as well as their other events at the Salsa Libre Facebook page.



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