• photo of a skirt with flowers and a blue top in front of the store Nest
    South Africa - Shopping

    My favorite shop in Stellenbosch – Nest

    When we had visited Uncle Sam’s shop, bought some sweets at Melissa’s Food shop our eyes glanced at the entrance of a shop called Nest. Outside were colorful displays and being of a curious nature, we had to go upstairs and take a look. Instantly when we walked in we totally fell in love with this shop. It sells all kinds of porcelain, cushions, table cloths, books, clothes and so many other things. All with the flair of old times along with bright and shiny colours.

  • Uncle Sam's shop, with all kinds of different things, old pantiehouses and more
    South Africa - Shopping

    Uncle Sam’s shop – adventure in itself

    It was at a kitchen table in Hafnarfjordur, Iceland that I heard for the first time about Uncle Sam’s shop. I was telling a friend of my intentions to travel to Cape Town. She had visited South Africa and is well traveled . “One of the places you must go and see is Uncle Sam’s shop in Stellenbosch” she told me. My guess is she knew of my fascination of quirky shops.