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    Trying out the local food – can be a challenge

    In our mind, it is essential when traveling that we get a taste the local cuisine. Often we get pleasantly surprised, in other cases it turns out to be a challenge.  A true challenge it was when we took a journey into Soweto in Johannesburg. We had just visited the house where Nelson Mandela had lived with his family. Desire our guide told us about a local restaurant that sold traditional food. We of course became very excited as we love trying new things. Tasting the weird stuff is my department so I had to face the challenge of trying out cow intestines. It is my opinion that how things taste…

  • Inga and Thury up in a light house with a view over the most southern point of Africa
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    Journey to the most Southern point of Africa

    At least for my sake, I always become a little bit embarrassed when I find out I was wrong about something. As I stated in my post about the Cape of Good Hope it was clear in my mind the misconseption that it was the most southern part of Africa. The moment I grasped the fact it was another cape I felt it was something I had to put my eyes on. No matter what, Cape Agulhias would be visited. We had stayed with lovely people in Simon’s town. Mignon and Roy, our hosts served us breakfast that was as much feast for the eyes as the taste buds. We…