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We have chosen our favorite designers and artists in Iceland. Here you can find information and the stories. We interviewed our favorite designers and artists in Iceland. So that we can share with you their background. Each artist and designer has a different story. You can read about them, see photos and a video in each post.

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    The privilege of doing what is fun, Svava Grímsdóttir designer

    Some years ago I walked into a local clothes shop and became fascinated by some dresses. I ended up buying one but it can only be fair to say that buying a dress at that time, was really out of my character. At that point, I started to develop my flair for dresses. I became curious to know more about the maker of these dresses and the lady in the shop told me that the designer was Icelandic. That all fitted together as the dresses were like molded for Icelandic circumstances.

  • Dimmblá shawl with icelandic nature in the background
    Designers,  Iceland - Designers and Artists,  Inspiring People

    Dimmblá – Sustainable Fashion Inspired by Iceland

    What is the story behind? Are thoughts that often go through my mind when I am about to buy something new. I want to know if I can buy the product with a good conscience. It is common that there is nothing on the tag, in the store, or on the website of the brand that tells us the story of the product. If the employees have good working conditions and if the production is eco-friendly. I had noticed the brand Dimmblá both because of the social awareness advertised and the colorful design.  When I and Thury were visiting a local Christmas market in Reykjavík, we ran into the owner, Heiðrún. I…