About Thury Bara

About me

For many years I worked as a hotel manager in my own business. I recall that I often had to go to the supermarket located 25 km from my country hotel, to my bad luck I would always get stuck behind extremely slow people. Usually  I  called them people in the beginning of slow death. I didn’t realize that in fact it was I who was in the beginning of slow death. But this behavior is one of the symptoms of a major burnout.

In 2013 my life took a major U turn when I decided to divorce my husband and company. I struggled with coping and it was like all love for life had left me. I was completely numb and felt that I had no passion, no opinions.  My recovery has been slow and steady. But it is hard to recover from something when you don’t even know what is wrong.

In an attempt to restore the flame in my heart I turned to my former passions, singing and travelling. I took studying sessinons at the Complete Vocal Institute in Copenhagen learing voice techniques. I also made real a long desired dream of making a CD. Here below you can find an example from the CD and to me every second of making it and doing the video was a true joy:

I found out that I had problems functioning in a normal working environment. Old stress habits would kick in and make me exhausted. When I took a travel with my two nieces to South America in April 2017 I felt that I was in my element.

My niece Ingibjörg has the same travel bacteria as I have. We talked for several months about our dream to travel the world and somehow make a living out of it. In the autumn 2017 an opportunity to do so presented itself.  So I sold my apartment and put a part of the profit into this project.

New era in life

Now I put focus on what I like. I found out that I have a passion for making videos, editing and directing. I enjoy taking pictures and writing. But I can also combine these passions with other things, like eating good food. When it comes to food I am so much fan.  For an example when a course is put in front of me and it looks good I always taste it before the idea to take a picture hits my head. Which is a little annoying in this line of work.

Passion for seeing new things is fulfilled and I am eager to  breathe in the vibes of a new place. Finding new designers is one of my passions. Often I can not control myself, I buy two dresses instead of one! Shoes, I adore good shoes and as I have gotten older, comfort is getting mighty important.

I have taken a chance in life and of course I am a little worried. But then I say to myself as I say to others when they express their concerns of my failing: “In worst case scenario it will be the best year of my life!”