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Tea in Ahmedabad – At a Local Heritage Home

When traveling we often come across characters that leave us with a memorable presence. Characters that glow with hospitality, are humorous or have made an impact on their environment. Often people that have their own way of seeing things and a lot of courage.

Inga looks at the view of Ahmedabad, from the City Palace.

In our mind one of these characters is without a doubt Jagdish, a local guide we met in Ahmedabad. Our first encounter was on the street of the city and he informed us of his services. We told him that we would think about it. He was so determined to guide us through the city that in the evening he managed to track us down when having dinner at a restaurant close to our hotel. A deal was made to take a tour in the morning.

Jagdish in front of his heritage home.

Welcomed by tea

Jagdish showed us different parts of the Unesco heritage city. He also took us to a place where we got a magnificent view. Afterward, he insisted to invite us for tea. Below you can see him make the tea for us: (press cc for subtitles) 

Are you interested in a guided tour with Jagdish in Ahmedabad? Where teaching of how to make a homemade Indian Chai, or having lunch can be included. Then write us a comment or a message, and we will send you his contact details.


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