View of the bay from simons town, a beautiful view of mountains, houses and the sea
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Simons Town Accommodation – Amazing view and the best breakfast

When we stayed in Simons Town, our accommodation was one of our favorite places in South Africa. We stayed at The String of Pearls, a private apartment in the house of Mignon and Ray, that we found through Airbnb. It is the type of place where you just want to stay longer.

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There were 4 main reasons that made us love it

    1. Mignon and Roy, our hosts, and the thought they put into every little detail.
    2. The view when waking up was breathtaking.

3. The breakfast! It was the best I had on my 4 months travel in Africa and Europe.

4. The apartment is nice and spacious, was perfect for the two of us, having one ensuite room each with a double bed and direct access to the garden.

An Apartment with a view and thoughtful details

The apartment is lovely, with every detail thought of. The hosts live upstairs and are more than willing to help with anything. It will fit perfectly for either two friends, two couples or a family traveling together.

Fynbo flowers in our apartment
One of the thoughtful details were the King Protea flowers in our apartment.

There are two spacious rooms, with a bathroom each that are spacious and with a great shower. Both rooms have doors towards the terrace and garden, with the wonderful view over the bay.

In the middle of the two rooms, there is a living room, with a sofa and a tv. There is a little kitchen in front of the living room, which also serves as the entrance, where there is a good coffee machine. When we came, there was a bouquet of the national flower, King Protea, which we love!

Our Hosts

Mignon and Roy are great hosts and very caring. We chatted with them a lot during our breakfast, and they gave us a lot of advice for the rest of our road trip. They have traveled a lot in South Africa (and the rest of the world) so a great point of references, if you would like suggestions for the rest of your travels.

The hosts of String of Pearls in Simons Town, Mignon and Roy
Our hosts, Mignon and Roy

I furthermore loved the detail, that they have made a list, that is available in the living room with all of their favorite restaurants in the town and have rated them for ambiance, food and more.

The Breakfast – and possibility for Dinner

The breakfast we had in Simons Town, was the best I had during our 4 months travels.

Was very impressed and happy with the breakfast!

Mignon told us that she loves cooking, and it was obvious. It is also possible to reserve dinner, especially cooked by her. If we would have stayed longer, we would have done so without a doubt.

The area and Simons Town

Simons Town is a small town. The apartment is located up in the hill. Mignon showed us a staircase going directly to the harbor area where there are different restaurants.  Maybe 5-10 minutes walk. The one we tried was delicious, and I liked the calm atmosphere of the city. Even though Simon Town felt safe, it is recommendable to take a taxi back to the apartment. There was no Uber when we were there.

What to see nearby Simons Town

Staying in Simon’s Town is a great location to explore both the Cape of Good Hope, where you can take a nice hike and visit the penguins at Boulders Beach.  Simons Town is only about 40 minutes drive from Cape Town, and it is a beautiful drive when you arrive at the coastline.

Important information to consider

I would recommend having a rental car coming here, and to explore the surroundings.

We had internet data on our phone and used google maps to find our way, as we easily get lost. It was easy to find with google maps. There is space for parking at the property.

The accommodation felt very safe, they have a gate and a security system.

How we found this accommodation in Simons Town and my thoughts on how it was compared to our expectations.

I had spent a lot of time researching as I always do, both at Airbnb and I had a few favorites as always, but this apartment kept on bringing me back. When we arrived at the accommodation in Simons Town, I could see why.

I had high expectations before arriving, due to the reviews that had been written and the photos I had seen. I already knew there should be an amazing view.

Our stay here in Simons Town, at the String of Pearls, really lived up to my expectations. As I said in my video diary, the feeling I had, at the end of the stay, getting ready to leave was that I just really felt like staying. That it was a place where I could pause from my otherwise enthusiastic planning, and not missing out of anything, for 7 days. If I would live in South Africa, this would be a place I would come to relax.

Since I am an intense planer, we only had one night. I hope to come back one day to South Africa, and then I will make sure to have some time here. If you have the possibility, I recommend staying at least two nights. And ordering both breakfast and dinner made by Mignon.

Do you have any questions or thoughts? We would love to hear from you in the comments. 

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