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Rosio Sanchéz – Mexican food with soulfulness

Rosio Sanchéz’s two taquerías and restaurant in Copenhagen are some of the best places to get tacos and Mexican food in Europe. Furthermore, Rosio Sanchéz, the chef and owner is an inspiring woman that follows her heart. 

One of the best recommendations that I have received from my foodie friend Vigdis, was to try Hija de Sanchéz Taquiería. At the same time, as she told me about the taquería, she told me about Rosio Sanchéz.

Her story might have influenced that Hija de Sanchéz instantly became one of my favorite places in Copenhagen. The tacos, the corn tortillas and, guacamole were so delicious! But to me, favorite restaurants are not only about the food (even though it is a huge factor) but the story, the feeling, and the atmosphere.

Who is Rosio Sanchéz

It is always inspiring to meet people that do things wholeheartedly, like Rosio. She keeps on learning, exploring and challenging herself. Rosio has surrounded herself with people that inspire her, to learn more, and seems to be enjoying every step of her journey.

Rosio Sanchéz is 33 years old, born in Chicago, and the daughter of Mexican parents that immigrated to the United States of America. She grew up with her mum’s heartful cooking and her heart is connected to Mexico. She moved to New York to pursue her dream job. Later with the need for new challenges so bought a one-way ticket, and ended up in Copenhagen, where she joined the well-known restaurant Noma. Until her journey took her to where she is today.

Rosio Sanchéz and the Hija de sanchez taquiería pop up
Rosio Sanchéz and a part of her team, at an Hija de Sanchéz pop-up

You have to make yourself happy

When I met Rosio, she was extremely busy, as she has many projects going on. When we first met, she was doing a pop-up at The Bridge Street Kitchen. I could see that she is happy and full of energy following her passion. I was thankful that she took the time to meet us for an interview.

Rosio tells us more about herself and her journey and an inspirational advice to share: 

Hija de Sanchéz Taquería

Rosio opened Hija de Sanchéz Taquería because she wanted to bring real Mexican food to Europe.  Following her vision, bringing authentic tacos to Copenhagen and Europe brought her having a taquería with the title of the best street food in Europe.

Hija de Sanchez taqueria in Copenhagen
One of the two Hija de Sanchéz taquerias. This is the one in the hip Meatpacking district of Copenhagen.

Rosio’s heart has a strong connection with Mexico

In an episode of the inspiring cooking show, Ugly Delicious Rosio and René’s pop-up in Tulum Mexico is followed.

Rosio tells about what I know many people with a multicultural background identifies with. David Chang asks, “in Copenhagen you are Mexican, but in Mexico, you are American”. She agrees and says “That is the story of my life.” “I feel like I grew up Mexican. As Mexican as I could. I am just trying to cook something that I think is close to me.

Rosio tells about her dream to work in Mexico: “A few years into Noma, I told my dad, “I am going to go to Mexico and work in Mexico”.”

She says that for her dad it felt like a step back, as her parents had fought to make a life for them in the United States. For her, it was a step forward, to learn more about the culture her heart is connected to, her roots and to cook there.

I think it is inspiring that she is making the many dreams of her life become a reality. She created the opportunity, doing a collaborative pop up with René and Noma. As can be seen in the interview above, that experience also influenced her when opening her new restaurant,  with an extra inspiration from Mexico.

The Restaurant Sanchéz Cantina

To me, Rosio is running a restaurant that is exactly as she would have pictured it, without having pictured it. She never thought she would want to own a restaurant. Even though she has been a chef at some of the best-known restaurants around the world. Rosio’s vision for herself was rather having “a small taquería, a hole in the wall“, where you can receive real, authentic, Mexican tacos. The restaurant has the feeling of a restaurant and a taqueria combined. 

She is not afraid to go a little bit outside of the typical Mexican flavors, adding the best of what Denmark and Copenhagen have to offer. She has both been influenced by some of the best chef´s in the world and likes to serve food that is still tasty, but a bit lighter than the more typical Mexican dishes.

Tacos and food at Restaurant Sanchéz
Restaurant Sanchéz – Foto credit: Jason Loucas

The Future

Rosio has big dreams for the future. Rosio’s finds it important that when they are in this position, that they can help other communities.  She hopes to be inspired to do greater things. At the moment she spends a lot of time in the restaurant, and in the taquerías when she can. She hopes to be able to create better opportunities for the people they are working with.

She is mindful of where she buys the ingredients. Currently, they import corn, dried chilies and, spices from Oaxaca. She would love it to be more diverse and is looking into finding different sources. (To not kind of deplete it from Oaxaca.) As she says, “everyone has amazing ingredients in Mexico“, and she wants to see how they can help that biodiversity a bit. All the different corns for example, even though it is a challenge with all the different way they have to be cooked.

When speaking with Rosio, you can feel how grateful she is for her journey and the people that have played a role. I am very excited to follow what more she will accomplish in the future.


Have you ever been to Hija de Sanchéz tacquiería or Sanchéz Restaurant? Did you love it as much as we did?


More info about Rosio Sanchéz

  • Hija de Sanchez, her taquiría that was chosen the best street food place in Europe, is located in two places in Copenhagen. The one in Torvehallerne is open from Spring to Autumn. The one in the Meatpacking district/Kødbyen is open the whole year.
  • Rosio worked at Noma for 5 years, and became head of pastry. Noma is one of the best-known restaurants in Copenhagen. It has been chosen as the best restaurant in the world 4 times. And had Michelin star/s for a long time. Noma has recently moved to a new location, which is the reason the Michelin star is still to come back. 



  • Desirée travels

    Oh my! I’m totally craving some mexican food (with tonnes of guacamole, please) right now. 🙂 I should make sure to visit this place next time I’m Copenhagen.

    • Inga


      Hehe, yes I had a huge craving for Mexican food the whole time I was writing the article and editing the video! 🙂 You definitely should! 😊

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