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The privilege of doing what is fun, Svava Grímsdóttir designer

Some years ago I walked into a local clothes shop and became fascinated by some dresses. I ended up buying one but it can only be fair to say that buying a dress at that time, was really out of my character. At that point, I started to develop my flair for dresses. I became curious to know more about the maker of these dresses and the lady in the shop told me that the designer was Icelandic. That all fitted together as the dresses were like molded for Icelandic circumstances.

The name of the brand is Evuklæði and here is the designer Svava Grímsdóttir

I have continued through the years to keep up with the brand, Evuklæði. When we started our adventure with Eccentric Traveler we wanted to begin by taking an interview with one of my favorite designers. We were thrilled when Svava Grímsdóttir said yes to our plea to talk to her.

First of all, she told us how her journey was into the world of design:

(Note that as the interview is in Icelandic you can push the CC to get English subtitles.)

The development of ideas

We were curious about how her ideas are formed and she told us that the process can take many shapes. Sometimes it is the material which is the inspiration or an idea has surfaced and from it, she looks for the correct material to match the idea. Either way, the garment usually takes several changes during the process. For that reason, it is an advantage to have the production so close at hand.

Svava concentrates on making clothes that are classic and can be used year after year.

It is important to Svava to be loyal to her self. She designs clothes that are to her liking and sticks to her principles to have everything produced in Iceland. She does not chase the wimps of the marked or do something that she thinks someone will like. Her loyalty to her own ideas is very important to her:

Svava has been running the shop for the past ten years and has during that time built up a steady stream of customers that frequently return. She is grateful for them and says that her customers are all sorts of women:

Recently Svava opened up a website for her brand Evuklæði and you can take a  look at her design here.


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