• an old guitar being repared
    Inspiring People

    Inspiration close by – Steingrímur guitarist

    I am so lucky to have in my nearest environment people that I have immense respect for and find inspirational. One of these persons is my dear big brother Steingrimur. He is a brilliant guitarist and for the past year, he started to repair old guitars. The story of the guitar In this video, Steingrimur tells us about a guitar that is probably more than 100 years old. He got it from a man that repairs violins and decided to have a go on rebuilding it. Below is the video where we hear the story of the guitar: Please press cc for English subtitles:

  • A man sitting in a boat by the canal
    Inspiring People

    When it all comes together – Rasmus Bonde masseur

    Sometimes it is the location of a business that intrigue our interests. When a good friend of ours, Svandis told us about a masseur that had a clinic in a boat at one of the canals in Copenhagen we got curious. So we arranged to meet him at his clinic. Rasmus Bonde thought that it would be a shame that a boat owned by his mother-in-law would go out of the ownership of the family. After losing his job he decided to open up his own business in the boat. Thinking in solutions There were several challenges along the way but thinking in solutions lead the way. Below Rasmus tells…