Inga and Birgitta relaxing at a hot tub in Krauma Geothermal Baths
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Krauma – Geothermal Baths

In the darkness of a cold winter morning in late December we headed to west of Iceland to visit Krauma, a geothermal baths. We had heard from a relative that it was a beautiful spot to relax in the warmth of Deildartunguhver. It is the hot spring that has the highest flow rate in all of Europe.


Due to the fact that it had just recently opened we could feel the minor hiccups that are involved when opening a new facility. We felt that it wasn’t quite ready. The restaurant was lacking several ingredients and the aroma steam baths, were without the aromas.

Promising prospects

We also felt that the place had promising prospects. The design and the looks are classy and elegant, but  like with so many designs its creator had forgot to think that people actually were going to use their structures. All the hot pots are completely black in colour. It is almost impossible to see where steps began and ended, resulting in bumping your toes into things. It gave us a little feeling of insecurity. We addressed this issue with the manager and he told us that they were aware of it and in the process of improving.


Over all we believe that Krauma has all prospects of becoming a popular destination for travelers who want to relax in the warmth of a hot spring and enjoy the scenic views from the hot tubs.   

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