Rosenborg Castle with many purple tulips in front in the Kings Garden, Copenhagen
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The King’s Garden Copenhagen

The good friends Inga and Svandis tell us about their favorite place in Copenhagen. “Kongens Have” or as it would be in English the King’s Garden has been one of the places they used to hang out a lot.

Long history

The garden was originally made in 1606 for king Christian 4th to entertain himself and his guests. It is around the Rosenborg castle which used to be the summer palace of the royalties.  Kongens Have was opened to the public in 1770 and so it has been ever since. The garden has been extremely popular with the inhabitants of Copenhagen and its guests. It is estimated that 3 million visit the garden annually. On a good summer day, the citizens flock to it to bathe in the sun and enjoy some “hygge” or cozy time there.  

Rosenborg Castle during Spring time
By the Rosenborg Castle, the rose garden is by the statue on the right side.

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