Inga and Thury up in a light house with a view over the most southern point of Africa
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Journey to the most Southern point of Africa

At least for my sake, I always become a little bit embarrassed when I find out I was wrong about something. As I stated in my post about the Cape of Good Hope it was clear in my mind the misconseption that it was the most southern part of Africa. The moment I grasped the fact it was another cape I felt it was something I had to put my eyes on. No matter what, Cape Agulhias would be visited.

Yogurt with berries and muesli. A perfect precentation.

We had stayed with lovely people in Simon’s town. Mignon and Roy, our hosts served us breakfast that was as much feast for the eyes as the taste buds. We had lined down the schedule for the day and were eager to continue. Our hosts had given us many good points of what would be worth visiting during our road trip. But first stop would be Boulders beach to see the penguins. Ingibjörg had never before seen penguins and she instantly fell in love with these black and white non flying birds. It became hard for me to break her fascination and get us back on the road. After many tries  she snapped out of her penguin trans.

Inga dipping her feet into the Indian ocean.
Fishingboat at Arniston.

On the road again

We took the recommendation of Mignon and Roy and decided to stay the night a Arniston, a little town east of Cape Agulhias. The journey to Arniston took around four hours and as we both have no sense of direction, google maps was our trusted guide. The travel was without major mishaps, only once did I take a wrong turn and had to turn around. South Africa is without a doubt great land for agriculture. For a while it felt like driving within endless fields that had been harvested. The first thing that we did on arrival to Arniston was to dip our toes into the Indian ocean.  It is a small charming fisherman’s town that also depends on tourism. It was only natural the next morning to begin the day by doing a little tanning on the beach by the Indian ocean. When we had taken good portion of vitamin D we were on the road again.

Having a drink at Arniston Hotel.

Putting all your faith in technique sometimes results in getting into roads hard to deal with. Of course we wanted to take the shortest route and it was this once that we almost lost faith in Google maps. It guided us into a gravel road that reminded me of the worst roads in rural Strandir in Iceland.  Fortunately google maps did get us finally into a better road and I swore that I would never again drive on gravel roads in South Africa.

There was a nice man who took this picture of us with our private most southern tip of Africa.

Lighthouse love

Me getting up to the top of the lighthouse.

L’Agulhas is a charming little town and we started by visiting the lighthouse. We were so lucky when we came there because there were only few guests. We crawled up all the stairs to the top of the lighthouse. The amazing view completely struck us. In our innocent minds we just assumed that the promontory heading straight south from the lighthouse was the Cape Agulhas. We took many awesome pictures up there and really enjoyed the surroundings. We then headed to what we thought was the most southern tip of Africa. There was no end to our happiness that we had this amazing place to our self besides two persons fishing. We took our time to take pictures and  videos. 

Me celebraiting the “wrong” most southern tip of Africa.

Correct Cape found

It was only when our stomachs started roaring for food that we headed back to town for lunch. Half way through the lunch meal Ingibjorg expressed her doubts if we had found the real cape Agulhas. That probably it was little further away from the lighthouse. To save us the embarrassment of introducing to the world the wrong most southern part of Africa we decided to go back and research a little bit. My nice was right, the true Cape Agulhas was a little bit further down the road. An exception of the  promise to drive never again on a gravel road in South Africa was forced upon me. Fortunately it was only one km down the coast line to get to the real Cape Agulhas. It was marked by a sign of course.  Again we went through filming and taking photos of this remarkable place. In all honesty the most southern tip that we had found before I prefered.  It was in my mind much more mistic and beautiful. But of course, we should always strive to have the facts straight!

The correct most southern part of Africa. The sign indicating where the Atlantic and Indian oceans meet.

Afterwards we were so glad that we went on this road trip. You get such a broader view of a country if you manage to travel to the more rural areas. The beautiful surroundings filled us with joy.  Our fascination continued when on our way back we stayed at Hermanus, charming town that lies along Walker Bay.


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