an old guitar being repared
Inspiring People

Inspiration close by – Steingrímur guitarist

I am so lucky to have in my nearest environment people that I have immense respect for and find inspirational. One of these persons is my dear big brother Steingrimur. He is a brilliant guitarist and for the past year, he started to repair old guitars.

The story of the guitar

In this video, Steingrimur tells us about a guitar that is probably more than 100 years old. He got it from a man that repairs violins and decided to have a go on rebuilding it. Below is the video where we hear the story of the guitar:

Please press cc for English subtitles:

Gluing the guitar together.
Steingrímur plays on the guitar.

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  • Fran Welsh

    Excellent thank you . Both Tom and I strum the guitar 🎸 so it was interesting to watch this, Also Tom is a “Mr Fixit “ so he was even more interested in the repair process.
    How wonderful to own such a historic guitar,

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