The Golf Stream Garden in Iceland
Inspiring People,  West Iceland

Gulf Stream Garden, the impossible made possible

Driving through the small village of Drangsnes located at Strandir in the west of Iceland, there is a noticeable landmark at the highest point of the coastline. A white wall facing the inside of Steingrimsfjordur at a place called Malarhorn. With closer inspection, you see that it is a beautiful picture made of tiles. The picture is of the God of the Sea, Poseidon.  

Bergsveinn tells us about the monument in honor of the Gulf Stream.

Finding the perfect spot

The writer Bergsveinn Birgisson tells us about the process of putting up the monument. The time it took to find a place for this piece of art purchased in Portugal several years ago. It is a spot to honor the sea god and the gifts the sea brings to this island in the north of the Atlantic via the Gulf Stream. That is the natural element that makes the island habitable and sustains all life both on land and sea.  Here he tells us more about the Gulf Stream Garden:

His vision for this garden, called by the locals The Gulf Stream Garden, will be a place where artists can in the future present their pieces of art, perhaps sculptures. Furthermore that it can be a place to thank the Gulf Stream for its gifts. At the same time enjoy the view from the cliffs and the peaceful garden.

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