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Flavours of India

We have been traveling in India now for four weeks and what a journey it has been. Fortunately, we have four more weeks to look forward to in this land of diversity and amazing people. I must admit that we do look a little odd where we have traveled. The embodiment of that is how popular we are with the Indians to take selfies with. At first, we were a bit skeptical and surprised. Now we play along and have used it to our advantage when taking pictures of the locals.

One of the photo sessions here in India.

Much to discover

We have learned that Indian food is so much more than we get to know in Indian restaurants in Europe. In this video below you can see Inga, along with our friends from the Yoga Institute Penny and Kishore,  trying out Pani puri that is a street food and it is delicious. Also, it contains snapshots of people that we have come across and at the end, you can see Inga and Vigdis putting on a natural lipstick.


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