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Dudhsagar Plantation and Farmstay – A little paradise in the Goan Jungle

Do you also love experiences where you feel you have discovered a hidden paradise? Where it is only you and a few locals that live there. That was the feeling we got when we visited the Dudhsagar Plantation and Farmstay. When we were there, it was only us and 4 others visitors staying there.

Our friend Vigdis, in the oasis and paradise of the Dudhsagar plantation
The feeling of calmness and one´s own paradise – Dudhsagar plantation and farm stay in Goa. Model: My good friend Vigdis. Photo: Eccentric Traveler

The Dudhsagar plantation offers a farmstay, with a natural swimming pool (be ready to swim with a few cute frogs), all kinds of different floral species, spices and domestic animals. 

Natural swimming pool at Dudhsagar Plantation and Farmstay
The natural swimming pool at Dudhsagar Plantation and Farmstay. Model: Vigdis. Photo: Eccentric Traveler

Most of the food is locally grown at the farm. In addition to the breakfast offered, it is possible to get a traditional home-cooked lunch and dinner. 

Guests drinking fresh coconut water
We were so lucky that the coconuts were being harvested while we were at Dudhsagar Plantation and Farmstay. (It is very hard to get the Padelis, that are the only ones that can harvest the coconuts to come due to high demand) Models: Co-guests Miranda and Frank Photo: Eccentric Traveler

Included in the accommodation is a Spice Tour of the plantation. We found it interesting to see how the spices are cultivated, many we had never seen before.  I am sure every visitor will see and learn something new.

Ashok telling us about the spices at the Dudhsagar Plantation and Farmstay
Ashok, our host at Dudhsagar Plantation and Farmstay, guiding us around the plantation and telling us about the spices and other plants. Photo: Eccentric Traveler

We also got a new friend, Charlotte the spider that had made her home in one of the trees at the plantation. To be honest, I am normally terrified of spiders. However, there was something with the atmosphere and the tranquility in the middle of nature, that made me calm. I was however happy that there were no spiders inside the cottage, only two cute frogs.

Bird eating spider in India
Our new friend Charlotte the spider. I did not dare to venture too near, however, she is completely harmless to humans.

A Beautiful Oasis – Tambdi Waterfall

Through the Dudshagar Plantation, we found out that it is possible to visit a secluded waterfall in the jungle, the Tambdi Waterfall. The visit can be perfectly combined with a visit to the oldest still standing temple in Goa, Mahadev Temple, Tambdi Surla. It is built in the 13th century and dedicated to Lord Shiva. It is also from there where the hike starts.

I would suggest keeping the visit to the waterfall and temple as the only part of the itinerary for the day. The walk through the jungle is both beautiful and rewarding. During the walk we felt very warm, thus the cold waterfall felt extremely refreshing.  We had the waterfall all to ourselves. Believe me, you do not want to have to rush somewhere else, rather have time to enjoy.

The Mahadev Temple, Tambdi Surla. The oldest temple in Goa.
The Mahadev Temple, Tambdi Surla. Oldest still standing temple in Goa. Photo: Eccentric Traveler

How to get to the Tambdi Waterfall

We did the visit with a knowledgeable local guide, Samir, that the owner of Dudhsagar Plantation and Farmstay arranged for us. He picked us up at the plantation in a jeep, took us to the temple and then hiked with us to the waterfall, telling us stories of the wildlife he has seen in the neighborhood. He furthermore showed us the wildlife on the hike; snakes, spiders, birds, monkeys, and butterflies. The price was very fair, 2200 INR (Indian Rupee) in total for the whole trip.

Our friend Vigdis, looking around in the jungle.
There was a lot to see on the hike through the jungle. Model: Vigdis, and further in the background our guide Samir. Photo: Eccentric Traveler


Make sure to have good shoes on, and to bring enough water. A big part of the hike is upwards, and it is very humid and warm, so it is important to have enough liquids. The hike is about 3-4 km, each way.

The Dudhsagar Waterfall

One of the must-see places, both me and Vigdis had put on our must-visit list, was the Dudhsagar waterfall. We went the day after our visit to the Tambdi Waterfall.

We had read in Lonely Planet that it is 603 meters and the second highest in India. There seems to have been some mix-up, as we have found out that it is 310 meters, but still one of the highest in India.

The Dudhsagar waterfall, and some of its many visitors
Dudhsagar waterfall in November. It is one of the highest in India. When we visited it was crowded with visitors swimming in the clean water (just a little portion is present on the photo) Photo: Eccentric Traveler

We got a spot in a jeep around 10:30 in the morning and the area of the waterfall was completely full and everyone was very loud. We found it too crowded. Our host told us that it is because, for a lot of people living in India, they do not get the possibility so often to visit natural places, with so clean water to bathe in.

It is a beautiful waterfall, but if you do not like too crowded spaces, I would either suggest to go very early in the morning (the first tour is at 7:30) or use your time visiting another place instead. We personally enjoyed our visit to the Tambdi Waterfall much more.

How to get to the Dudhsagar Waterfall

At the moment there are 300 jeeps allowed to go to the Dudhsagar waterfall per day, departing from Collem. The system is slowly being changed to be pre-bookings online. The old system is arriving at a very long line in Collem, where everything was very chaotic. I highly recommend the pre-booking, as otherwise you risk standing in line for a long time and not even getting a ticket.

The website for booking a trip is: https://www.ticketpapa.com/dudhsagar-jeeps

The booking is made for one jeep, that can fit 7 persons, and costs 3500 INR Normally when you arrive at Collem, you can find people that are looking for a jeep, so you can sell your empty seats to them for a full jeep. Additional compulsory charges are 50 INR per person for forest entrance and 40 INR per lifejacket.

The Cottages at Dudhsagar Plantation and Farm Stay

The cottages are simple, where 2 out of 5 offer a shower under the open sky. Each has a private bathroom. There are options of double beds, twin beds or a family cottage. There is a small terrace in front of all the cottages, with a table and chairs to enjoy the surroundings.

The shower in Dudhsagar Cottages, with the open roof, showering in the jungle
Who does not love showering under the open sky? No worries if you do not though (as about half of my friends), there are also cottages where there is a roof over the whole bathroom. Photo: Eccentric Traveler

When walking out of the cottage, I loved the view, looking up seeing palm trees, banana trees, and other exotic plants.

Terrace and cottages at Dudhsagar Plantation and Farmstay
The terrace of one of the cottages at Dudhsagar Plantation and Farmstay. Photo: Eccentric Traveler

The best way to get to the Dudhsagar Plantation and Farmstay

We took a taxi with AC from Panjim, which costs less than 2000 INR.  (Make sure you ask for the price before starting the trip.) We had not pre-ordered a taxi, so our guesthouse arranged it for us. For us, it was the perfect way to get there, and a fair price for 1 and a half hour travel.

It is also possible to get Dudhsagar Plantation and Farmstay to arrange your transfer from anywhere in Goa, if contacted well in advance. Furthermore, they can arrange guided trips around the area and answer any questions. You can find all the contact information on their website: http://www.dudhsagarplantation.com.

The Cottages at Dudhsagar Plantation and Farmstay, surrounded by trees and other plants.
The Cottages at Dudhsagar Plantation and Farmstay, in the Goan Jungle. Photo: Eccentric Traveler


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