Dimmblá shawl with icelandic nature in the background
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Dimmblá – Sustainable Fashion Inspired by Iceland

What is the story behind? Are thoughts that often go through my mind when I am about to buy something new. I want to know if I can buy the product with a good conscience. It is common that there is nothing on the tag, in the store, or on the website of the brand that tells us the story of the product. If the employees have good working conditions and if the production is eco-friendly. I had noticed the brand Dimmblá both because of the social awareness advertised and the colorful design. 

When I and Thury were visiting a local Christmas market in Reykjavík, we ran into the owner, Heiðrún. I used the opportunity to get more information and answers to my questions. What intrigued me the most were two fabrics that I had never heard of before, Banana Fabric and Peace Silk. 

Dimmbla scarf in the icelandic nature

christmas market in iceland, hafnarhúsið
Local design market before Christmas at Hafnarhúsið, Reykjavík Art Museum.

I asked Heiðrún to meet us another day where she would not be busy at the bustling market. Heiðrún was up for that and we met over a cup of coffee in Reykjavík. Heiðrún told us that the idea behind Dimmblá is to inspire and empower conscious women with a sustainable and eco-friendly design. All the information regarding the production process of the clothes and accessories should be easily available.

She told us that the design is made with women in mind that want to pursue uniqueness. They should at the same time be able to wear the clothes proudly, knowing that the production is sustainable.

woman in dimmblá dress looking towards the sea
Dimmblá’s mission is to empower the conscious woman

Inspired by the Icelandic nature as well as the uniqueness, quality, and craftsmanship of the past

We asked Heiðrún about her source of inspiration. The colors and patterns are inspired by the Icelandic nature. While the quality and durability of the products are inspired by the sustainability of the past. 

We relate very well to her thought of caring for our earth by choosing fewer items of quality, rather than having to purchase new items frequently. 

The Banana Fabric and the Peace Silk

As explained earlier, I was very curious about the innovative fabrics Dimmblá uses for the production and the role they play in making the brand sustainable. 

Banana Silk

I asked Heiðrún to tell us more about the banana fabric that she uses in some of her design. I had never heard of it until I found her brand, Dimmblá, and I think it is best to let her explain it herself:

Peace silk

One of the other fabrics that Dimmblá uses is peace silk. It is a time-consuming procedure and therefore it is a more expensive way of production than the traditional way of making silk. However, the silkworm lives through the whole lifecycle. The silkworm is not boiled with the pupe but removed before boiling it. Heiðrún’s vision is that there is always a way in life to do better and her brand Dimmblá is always looking for ways that are better for the environment and nature, as she thinks every company should.

peace silk scarf from Dimmblá in Iceland
Dimmblá’s Leir scarf in organic cotton and peace silk.

Minimizing waste by using the offcuts of the fabrics

Dimmblá uses the fabric offcuts to make beautifully designed necklaces, instead of throwing it away.

neckless and scarf from banana fabric, icelandic design by dimmbla
A banana silk necklace made with the offcuts of the fabric.

Eco-friendly production and the employees in India

As we were curious, Heiðrún told us more about the producer in India:

Inspiring founder of the brand Dimmblá

I always find it very inspiring when I meet people that are following their passion. Heiðrún is one of those, that has followed her vision when creating Dimmblá,  providing an option for sustainable slow fashion items as well as educating and sharing her views. If you are looking for a souvenir to bring back memories of your time in Iceland, it would be a good idea to check out Dimmblá’s design. Both inspired by the Icelandic nature and produced in a sustainable way. You can read more at Dimmblá’s website.  

beautiful blue scarf in the icelandic nature and snow


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