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Copenhagen Street Food – Many options after the Paper Island

I am a lover of street food places, both because of the atmosphere and the varied choices. To my happiness, the Copenhagen street food scene is popular and the options are growing.

Street food places in Copenhagen you have to visit
The Bridge Street Kitchen, located near to Nyhavn

Street food fits very well with Copenhagen and its culture. A few years back I went on a boat tour with the former mayor of Copenhagen where he explained one of the visions for the city. Its areas should be available for its people, with plenty of open spaces for people to enjoy.

I lived in Copenhagen from 2006 to 2016. It was fun to experience the changes and the vision come to life. There are so many locations all around the city to enjoy Copenhagen, its atmosphere and “hygge”.

Back to Street Food! Today there are many places in Copenhagen to choose from. You might have had some friends recommending you to go to The Paper Island, for the Copenhagen Street Food. The Street Food at the Paper Island closed down in 2017 despite having been an extremely popular place among the locals and travelers from all over the world.

The Copenhagen Street Food at the Paper Island was always planned as a temporary space. However, you need not worry about missing out, there are now plenty of new places to enjoy a similar atmosphere in Copenhagen.

Comfortable chairs by the waterfront and a view over the sea and Copenhagen
Reffen Street Food by the waterfront

Overview of Copenhagen Street Food places

1. The Bridge Street Kitchen

The Bridge Street Kitchen is a cooperation between the former owners and creators of the popular Copenhagen Street Food at the Paper Island, and some of the owner of the famous restaurant Noma. (Noma has been chosen as the best restaurant in the world numerous times.)

photo of stalls and people at the Bridge street kitchen, copenhagen
Chilled atmosphere and good food at the Copenhagen Street Food, Bridge Street Kitchen

These food stalls are conveniently located opposite to Nyhavn and it is possible to get there by passing The Kissing Bridge.

A visit can easily be combined with different places such as the picturistic Nyhavn, a visit to the little mermaid, Amalienborg where the Royal family lives or Ofelia plads.

The Bridge Street Kitchen is as near as you can get to the old Paper Island Street Food which used to be located on the other side of the canal and the butterfly bridge.

Photo of Nyhavn, canal and boats
Nyhavn, on the way to The Bridge Street Kitchen

A must visit Street Food Place in Copenhagen

Before I visited there were two main reasons I had to visit. (Other than I have to visit all the street food places.) The location is one of my favorite areas in Copenhagen and I love pizza. Many of my friends had told me that the best pizza was to be found at The Bridge Street Kitchen. Among them were some Italians, which is ofcourse the best recommendation a pizza can get.

Therefore, the first time I went, on my 35 years birthday, I had high expectations. I headed straight to Pizza Bro. I can confirm that the pizza was really good and definitely among the 3 best in Copenhagen!

Pizza with potatoes, rosemary and mascarpone from the best pizza place in Copenhagen.
Pizza from Pizza Bro, with potatoes, rosemary and mascarpone.


group of friends having different street food in Copenhagen
Birthday Dinner in Copenhagen, enjoying the different options at The Bridge Street Kitchen.

Another great option is Malaysian fusion street food. For those that like ribs, I have trustable sources that their Singapore ribs are mouthwateringly delicious. However, if you would like a vegetarian option their cauliflower curry is yummy!

Other options include healthy and delicious bowls, Danish smørrebrød, Gasolinegrill burger which many say is the best burger in Copenhagen (I am yet to try), famous hotdogs, and for dessert you can try out my favorite chocolate soft ice cream in Copenhagen, at Dessertsboden.

For an overview of the food, that you can choose from, check the Street Kitchen list here.

Check out our little video about The Bridge Street Kitchen here:

2. Reffen Street Food

To me the most similar atmosphere to the one Paper Island used to have, is Reffen. What I used to love about the Paper Island was the proximity with the water, the view, and the cozy laid-back atmosphere.

What Reffen actually has over the old Paper Island, is that there is plenty of space to sit down! At the moment it is not too busy, even on a sunny day.

What I mean by that is that normally there are some of the comfy chairs available at the waterfront to enjoy the scenic view towards Copenhagen, as well as plenty of spaces at the table benches.

view of the area with comfy chairs and view towards the waterfront and Copenhagen Skyline.
The cozy atmosphere by the waterfront with a view of the Copenhagen Skyline

An Island Full of Street Food options

I was surprised by the many options of food, some of them are a bit more pricey than you would perhaps expect by a street food place. But the quality of what I have tasted is very good! And the price range varies.

The only Gambian place in Europe? At least in Copenhagen!

A view of the food stall Baobab Gambian place in Copenhagen located at Reffen
Baobab Copenhagen, the only Gambian place in Europe that I know of.

My friends and I decided to try a Gambian place we discovered, called BaoBab. Here the prices are very affordable. When we were there they offered one dish called Domoda which costs 60dkk, their signature dish. It is a chicken dish with peanut sauce and rice, and it was delicious! In Gambia they do not cook with a lot of spices but have plenty of chili sauces on the side to try with it, and that is also the case at Baobab.

Domoda, Baobab Juice, Mango bites with lime and chili, traditional Gambian food
We had everything on the menu, the combo of Domoda and mango with lime juice and chili, and a baobab juice to go with it.

I loved both Baobab and Reffen so much that I brought one of my best friends there the day after! I wanted to show him Reffen. When we came there I felt I could not bring him there without letting him try the great food at Baobab! He told me he will definitely be coming again!

I became excited to have tried Gambian food because I have a friend from Gambia that I have not seen for a while.  I sent him a photo of the food and he directly asked me, you’re having Domoda? Which re-confirmed to me that this is real Gambian food in Copenhagen.

Another plus is that you can do a nice boat ride from the city to get to Reffen

view from the harbour boat to the sea and the opera
View of the opera house from the boat

You can choose to take a boat ride of the inner harbor to get to Reffen, with the bus boats. Those yellow boats have a beautiful view of Copenhagen by the water. And it only costs the same as taking the bus. You can see the schedule here.

There are beautiful photo opportunities on the boat ride.

On the website Reffen you can find an overview of all the stalls and for updates on events, you can check them out on their Facebook page. 

3. Tivoli Food Hall

Tivoli, one of the most visited attractions of Copenhagen, now has a Street Food Hall.

What is different between the Tivoli Street Food from the previous two, is that at Tivoli the food stands are located inside (but still not too crowded when I was there). And instead of being by the waterfront they are located in the center of the city, by the Main Train Station (Hovedbanegården).

Terrace of Tivoli Food Hall
I loved sitting on the terrace of Tivoli Food Hall, with the view towards Tivoli.

Being located in Tivoli, the cozy terrace has a view over to the Tivoli gardens. It is both possible to sit on the terrace as well as inside the food hall. If you have not planned on visiting Tivoli during your trip, it is a great way to see a little glimpse of the garden. And if you are visiting Tivoli, it is a great place for lunch, dinner or refreshment.

view of tivoli food hall seating inside
In addition to the terrace, there are different options of seating inside.

Delicious Food to choose from

There are some great options for food in the Tivoli Food Hall. To my happiness for my Danish friends, the Icelandic health restaurant Gló (used to be my favorite when I worked in Iceland) has opened in Denmark and is located at the Tivoli Food Hall.

gló, the health food restaurant at tivoli food hall
Gló (glow) health food restaurant from Iceland

One of my Danish friends had the smørrebrød at Hallernes smørrebrød and he really likes it there, which for me is a confirmation of quality .

I tried the quesadillas at Zócalo, even though I rarely choose quesadillas outside of home. As having lived with a Mexican girl I am afraid to get disappointed! But they lived up to my expectations!

Zócalo street food stall at Tivoli Food Hall, Copenhagen
Zócalo, tasty Mexican food options

Find an overview of the places you can choose from at the Tivoli Food Hall here. 

4. Torvehallerne

Torvehallerne is a great place to come for breakfast, dinner, lunch or a snack in between. It is a mix of a food market and food stalls. I would call it a luxury food market, with over 60 stalls to visit. You can both eat there or find quality ingredients for what you need for cooking yourself or great hearty options of take-away. A visit to Torvehallerne is a feast for the taste buds.

Best Street Food stall in Europe is here

You can visit one of my favorite taquerías in the world, Hija de Sanchez which has been chosen as the best street food stall in Europe. The inspiring Rosio Sanchéz, former dessert chef of Noma is the founder and owner of the taquería which she started here. Now she has an additional taquería and a restaurant in Copenhagen.

Hija de sanchez tacos at torvehallene
Having Tacos at the best street food stall in Europe

If you love Risotto Balls

Torvehallerne is also where Un Mercato is located. Which Vigdis, my restaurant expert, says to have the best risotto balls, in the world.

Un Mercato, Italian Food, including the best Risotto Balls  – Torvehallene

At Torvehallene you can sit down for coffee from Coffee Collective that many people claim to be the best coffee in Copenhagen. There are different stalls for danish pastry and good bread. If you want to cook fish at home, Boutique fish both offers the great concept of make-away, where you can get what I call Icelandic inspired fish. Fish that you take home and is ready to just put in the oven or on the pan.

Tovehallerne is definitely a recommended place to visit in Copenhagen. You can see all the options here, which gives an overview but at the moment most of the information is in Danish, so you might want help from google translate.

And their events and happenings are to be found at their page on facebook.

Enjoy the Copenhagen Street Food scene!

I hope you enjoy a lot the many options of Copenhagen Street Food! Have you already visited some of them? Do you have a favorite?








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