About us

We are two Icelandic travelers, Thury and Inga, building up this website. It has been evolving in our minds over time. When we took a one month trip to South America together in April 2017, we noticed that we share a lot of the same views in regards of the traveling industry. The importance of authentic experiences with locals where the communities benefits.

Is there ever the perfect timing

Recently both of us stood at a turning point in our lives. It was either to continue with our ordinary life or begin to build something new. From that point, our ideas started to emerged. Now we are trying something completely new in our live. Where we follow our passion and see in which direction it leads us. There are many new skills to be learned, some that are a little bit frustrating but more that are extremely fun.  


We tend to ask a lot of questions, perhaps it is our curiosity by nature. It is important for us to know the background of what we see and experience. Be it a designer, a restaurant or a beautiful construction. In regards to this we believe we are not the only ones. For that reason we want to share the stories of inspiring people we meet and the places we visit. We hope you will enjoy and want to be a part of our journey.